Meet & Greet


Hier ist eine bunte Mischung an Fotos mit den Schauspieler/-Innen, Regisseuren etc...die ich traf und die meine Bilder signiert haben. Bei dem einen oder anderen Bild habe ich noch kleine Anekdoten hinzugefügt die meiner Ansicht nach nicht verloren gehen sollten...


A bunch of photos with the actors/actresses, directors I have met and who signed on my paintings. Here and there I added nice, little  anecdotes that I didn´t want to get lost...

A lot of the photos were shot by my friend Peter Piltorp. Thanks man!!!







Sir Ian McKellen

Sir Ian McKellen.

I had such a nice conversation with him about my paintings. A very memorable and precious moment to me...

One of many actors who really deserved to get an Oscar!




Sarah Gadon.

A very beautiful and talented woman.





jole stamenkovic james mcavoy

James McAvoy. Very talented and versatile actor! I can only recommend his movies. It was very nice Meeting him.




Christian Bale

Christian Bale.

A girl (Ivana Ziello) she was standing next to me and took this picture of Bale, capturing his reaction exactly at that moment when he was looking at my painting. He really took time for all the People waiting for him! ...and of course brilliant actor!  









Christopher Lambert...the Highlander!

At that time the drawing wasn´t finished.


Jole Stamenkovic Christopher Lambert Highlander

Christopher Lambert signing at another location a white watercolorpaper of mine for another painting I am going to make. On this paper he added "it´s a kind of magic". 





jole stamenkovic dina meyer starshiptroopers


Dina Meyer.

Meeting her was absolutely fabulous!! She posted that drawing of mine I made of her via facebook. She was really "blown away" by that drawing. I am working on a second painting... :-)  This woman is just looking gorgeous and is talented!  



jole stamenkovic guy pearce signedportraits

Guy Pearce.

He signed a watercolor paper for me but sadly I haven´t found the time to do a painting. Sure to come... A very nice experience meeting him!







jole stamenkovic john landis


John Landis.

He liked very much what I did. People from TV were there to capture that moment, Landis took his time with me not caring much about the TV People and asked to Show him more of my work.   

Eric Roberts signedportraits Jole Stamenkovic

Eric Roberts holding my painting and being "thrilled" by it. He wrote "I so love your work! You are incredible...incredible!!" 





Danny Glover signedportraits jole stamenkovic

Danny Glover signing my painting. When he added "I am too old for this shit" he laughed a lot...

john carpenter signedportraits jole Stamenkovic

John Carpenter was amazing. He was on stage performing live music he used  for his movies (They live, Halloween, The Thing, ...) and he had so much fun doing it. 

I´m not used to you can see on the photo...





wolfgang petersen signedportraits jole stamenkovic

Wolfgang Petersen, the director of "Das Boot", "The Storm", "Troy"...

He was filming in Berlin when I met him. Very nice and charming. 

James Franco signedportraits jole stamenkovic

James Franco. 

When I gave him my drawing to sign he asked "Are you sure you want me to sign on the painting? I don´t want to ruin it!" 

I was very a funny situation, but I could convince him to sign. I marked a spot where his signature won´t do any harm to the drawing ;-)